Friday, April 26, 2019
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Saurabh Shiware Memorial Young Researcher Award (SSMYRA)

The award, Saurabh Shiware Memorial Young Researcher Award has been instituted to salute the entrepreneurial, innovative and the versatile spirit of Mr. Saurabh Tukaram Shiware. Mr. Saurabh Shiware was an enthusiast learner and hard worker since his early childhood. With his schooling from St. Xavier’s Kolhapur Mr.Saurabh graduated from the Hinduja Institute of Management, Mumbai. To satisfy his entrepreneurial and innovative urge, Mr. Saurabh set up his own business in computer software. His dynamism and unflinching attitude landed him up with a lucrative job in Gulf Oil Corporation, Dubai. With his academic and professional commitments, Mr. Saurabh did remain an ardent lover of football and was in the school and college football team.



A dedicated student, committed professional, zealous sportsperson, Mr. Saurabh was a real talent to reckon with. As destiny would want it, he had an untimely demise which put an abrupt end to his journey on this earth. To let his spirit and soul live beyond time and physical boundaries, ICA with the sponsorship of the very generous, Dr. T. Shiware has decided to announce this award for the young professionals in the discipline who have made some contributions which have the potential to make a difference to the research scenario and take research in the discipline to the mainstream. The motivating and exemplary personality of Mr. Saurabh Shiware stands as an inspiration for all those who have it in them and the award aims to recognize such potential for excellence in research.