Sunday, February 24, 2019
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Appendix - I

Performa for the evaluation of the Papers for the BBAY Award
Name of the Author ______________________________________
Title of The Paper : ______________________________________
Technical Session : ______________________________________
Sr. No. Different Aspects of the Paper  Assessment on 0 - 10 Scale
1. Relevance to the theme of the Technical Session/Seminar
2. Clarity of objectives of the Paper
3. Appropriateness of the Research Methodology used
4. Contents and coverage of the paper
5. Systematic presentation of the subject matter in the paper
6. Appropriateness of the language used in the paper
7. Paper has reached to some logical conclusions
8. Assessment on its usefulness in various spheres like academics, society, business, nation, etc.
9*. Effectiveness of presentation of the paper in the conference*
10*. Participation in discussion and appropriateness of answers to
Total Score
* Evaluation on these aspects shall be made at the time of the presentation of the paper in the Conference


(Chairperson Technical Session/Seminar)