Friday, April 26, 2019
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Criteria for the Selection of the Papers for the session

The persons who want to be considered for the Award shall have to submit paper before the last date for the submission of the papers for the forthcoming All India Commerce Conference. The Papers received after this date shall not be eligible for the Award. The last date for the submission of the papers shall be at least one month before the proposed date for All India Commerce Conference for the relevant year.

The paper submitted in this technical session should be

  • Unpublished
  • Empirical in Nature
  • Methodologically Strong
  • Contemporary Relevant
  • Adequately Conceptuaised
  • Empirically Supported
  • Standardised Bibliographic Style

Criteria for the Short listing and Selection of the Awardees :

Sr. No.
Grades(1-10) Remarks
Identification and Development of the Problem
Clarity of the objectives and Hypothesis Formulation
Relevance of the Problem
Review of Literature
Adequacy of Sample
Sampling Techniques
Statistical Techniques
Depth of Analysis
Conceptual and Empirical Support of the Conclusions
Bibliography: Citation and Adequacy
Total (out of 100)
    Grades (1-50)  
Overall Presentation
Clarity of the Subject matter
(To be judged through question answer session)
Utility of The Research
(Marks should be assigned on the basis of importance of the research to the academics, industry and society as a whole. More weightage should be given to the research which carries the utility impact on the society)
Grand Total (250)


Functions of the Chairpersons of Technical Sessions :

The papers received in this session will be dealt in the following manner

The 10 shortlisted papers on the basis of above criteria will be invited for presentation in the forenoon session. The time allotted for each paper will be 25 minutes (15-20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for question-answer session) These papers will also be put on the website.

The papers which are not shortlisted will be invited for presentation in the afternoon session. The time allotted for each paper will be decided by the technical session chairman on the basis of the above stated criteria