Friday, April 26, 2019
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Criteria for the Selection of the Awardees

Sr. No.
The persons who want to be considered for the Award shall have to submit paper on the theme selected for the award for the forthcoming All India Commerce Conference.  The papers must reach the Chairperson of the concerned Session before the last date for the submission of the papers. Papers received after this date shall not be eligible for the Award. The last date for the submission of the papers shall be at least one month before the proposed date for All India Commerce Conference for the relevant year.
The Chairperson of the Session shall evaluate all the papers eligible for the Award on the basis of  well defined parameters and identify ten best papers and submit the same to the Secretary, ICA for being put on the website of the ICA within a period of one month of the last date of submission of papers.
The  Chairperson of Session  shall inform the authors of these papers to be physically present at the time of the Conference for making presentation.
Ten papers selected through the above mentioned process shall be presented before the MMSM Award Jury in a special session to be arranged at the time of the Annual Conference of the ICA.
Each author shall be given 15-20 minutes time for making presentation. The presentation may preferably be made through Power Point.
The MMSM Award Jury shall select two best papers from the papers being presented on the basis of the pre determined and well defined parameters.
These two papers selected by MMSM Award Jury shall be awarded BBAY - Gold Medal and Certificate along with Citation about Late (Prof.) Manubhai M Shah.
The decision of the MMSM Award Jury shall be final and cannot be challenged.
The Member Secretary MMSM Award Jury shall coordinate all the activities related to the Award Event.