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Saurabh Shiware Memorial Young Researcher Awards.

To recognize and reward the budding researchers and their initial efforts and to instill the spirit of active and world class researcher as they mature, ICA has instituted the Saurabh Shiware Memorial Young Researcher Award. The award aims to nurture the young talent which holds the potential to make meaningful contributions in the field of commerce and allied disciplines and thus improve the landscape of research in the country.

The award, Saurabh Shiware Memorial Young Researcher Award has been instituted to salute the entrepreneurial, innovative and the versatile spirit of Mr. Saurabh Tukaram Shiware. Mr. Saurabh Shiware was an enthusiast learner and hard worker since his early childhood. With his schooling from St. Xavier’s Kolhapur Mr.Saurabh graduated from the Hinduja Institute of Management, Mumbai. To satisfy his entrepreneurial and innovative urge, Mr. Saurabh set up his own business in computer software. His dynamism and unflinching attitude landed him up with a lucrative job in Gulf Oil Corporation, Dubai. With his academic and professional commitments, Mr. Saurabh did remain an ardent lover of football and was in the school and college football team. A dedicated student, committed professional, zealous sportsperson, Mr. Saurabh was a real talent to reckon with. As destiny would want it, he had an untimely demise which put an abrupt end to his journey on this earth. To let his spirit and soul live beyond time and physical boundaries, ICA with the sponsorship of the very generous, Dr. T. Shiware has decided to announce this award for the young professionals in the discipline who have made some contributions which have the potential to make a difference to the research scenario and take research in the discipline to the mainstream. The motivating and exemplary personality of Mr. Saurabh Shiware stands as an inspiration for all those who have it in them and the award aims to recognize such potential for excellence in research.

The award shall comprise of a cash prize of Rs.25,000/‐(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only), with a certificate of appreciation and a trophy to be awarded each year in the Annual Conference of ICA.

Eligibility Criteria for Award

1.Awardee must not be more than 35 years of age, as on the last date of Application.

2.He/she may be from academic/Professional bodies but engaged in research activities in form of publication of research papers, books, journals, seminar presentation, project work and other such related works during his life.

3. He/she is eligible to avail the benefit once in his/her life time.

4. He/she must have Post Graduate degree in Commerce, Management , CA, ICWA or related subjects.

Procedure of Participation

1. Submit Bio‐data containing all research and allied activities undertaken. Bio‐data may be divided in following parts: Title Sheet: Basic Information of Applicant along with passport size photograph

a. Education qualification

b.Employment Details (present & past)

c. Research Activities Undertaken with complete details. In case of Journal/Book Publication, mention publisher name and citation of publication (if available).

d. Your Contribution to the field of commerce till date.

e. Your views to revolutionize field of commerce in next 10 years.

f. Any additional information, you wish to provide.

g. Enclose valid proof of your age.

2. The last date for submission of such Bio‐data (10 Copies) is 31st May 2021.

3 Application (10 Copies) should be dispatched to:

Dr Kuldeep Sharma,Secretary,Indian Commerce Association (ICA)

Other Information

1. The Jury appointed for the MMSMA shall act as jury for this selection too. The secretary, ICA after receiving all the applications will convene the meeting of the Jury on a suitable date and handover the same to the chairman of the said Jury for final selection on the basis of the well defined parameters finalized . The decision of the Jury is final and binding and cannot be challenged in any court of law. Each Jury member shall be entitled to an Honorarium of Rs.2000/- as sitting fee for one day for attending the meeting. All the expenditures including the prize money of Rs.25,000/- shall be paid from the annual interest accrued from the non- refundable corpus fund of Rs.5.00.000/- in Fixed Deposit.

2. Award shall be presented in the inaugural function of the AICC by the Chief Guest in presence of the Donor.

3. The awardee so selected shall be paid third AC class TA to receive the prize and all facilities in the conference like other delegates, free of cost.

4. The trophy and the certificate of merit shall be prepared by the Donor till Donor willingly undertakes the same or else the ICA will take the responsibility of preparing the same from the interest money of the corpus fund.

5. In no case the total expenditure incurred for the award shall be more than the interest earned during that year.