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Welcome to Indian Commerce Association (ICA)

The Indian Commerce Association (ICA) was founded as the oldest professional body in the year 1947 as a cohesive group of management experts, economists, business community, technologists etc, with multifarious objectives such as…. to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences; collection and dissemination of information on business, trade, commerce and management; to promote the research activities and to bring coordination in the Commerce and Management curriculum at national level. The members of this oldest professional association consist of academicians, businessmen industrialists, administrators, management experts, economists, students, educational institutions and other interested entities. The core activities of ICA include organization of seminars, conferences, workshops, and meetings; promotion of research; providing technical assistance and consultancy to the clientele world and publication of books, journals and periodicals, etc. The ICA, till date, has successfully organized 70 Annual Conferences throughout the country.

“The Indian Commerce Association (ICA)” was founded as oldest professional body in 1947, the year of national independence. It was formed as the cohesive group of Management Experts, Economists, Business Community persons and Technologists etc. This strong Assoication was strategically formed for conducting research, training, consultancy; organizing annual conferences and publication of journal. The theme behind foundation of association was to support the Indian corporate sector by enriching the academic arena of commerce. Today also the same object of ICA is sustained to promote research in the field of commerce and to assist in the commercial upliftment of our country.

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